Conversations with the Qt Community

CoverJauntyQt Insights was created with a mission to build a full and thorough picture of the Qt developer ecosystem through evidence, conversation and understanding. During the summer of 2013, we conducted one of the most comprehensive global studies of the Qt developer community. It included a survey of almost 2,000 Qt developers in over 90 countries, and dialog with the Qt community – including thought-leader discussion groups in Silicon Valley and Europe.

The results of this research are available in the Qt Insights Report 2013 and available for you to download. The report is completely free of charge and is made available under creative commons. At Qt Developer Days 2013 in Berlin we presented a short keynote, a more thorough workshop, and held numerous discussions with developers from across the community.

We aim to continue the project in 2014 building a greater body of evidence, deepening understanding and progressing the conversation with the community. We are currently exploring how to best do this, and would welcome feedback via

Thanks once again to all who helped conduct the first phase of Qt Insights including our sponsors and the thousands of Qt developers who spent time sharing their thoughts and insight.